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Our Team

Barry Phelan - Contemporary Smiles

Dr Barry Phelan (Dentist)

Barry is the principal dentist at Contemporary Smiles.

Originally from Ireland, Barry migrated here as a back packer. After meeting his future wife and enjoying the sunny skies and quality lifestyle, he decided to settle and now has four aussie kids!

Barry is passionate about what he does and is one of those “dental nerds” that gets really excited about the latest developments in the field. To this end, he constantly is updating his knowledge base with continuing education courses and seminars. The old adage of you get out of it what you put into it rings very through for Barry.

Barry is a perfectionist and won’t stop until the best possible outcome has been achieved for his patients.

Our Support Staff

Delivering excellent outcomes for our patients is a team effort. We want every contact that you have with our practice to be professional and caring.

We are privileged with the staff that we have here at Contemporary Smiles. They are excited and committed to help deliver positive outcomes for our patients.

With our daily huddle and our weekly training, all our team will understand what our objectives are for our patients and the treatment protocols that will be necessary to deliver.

Our commitment to you is a caring efficient team that strives to deliver on clinical excellence and compassionate care.

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