Case Study – Smile Rehabilitation with Implant Therapy, Crown Lengthening

Initial Situation

This patient was unhappy with the look of her smile and upon close examination presented us a complex set of problems and concerns.


  • The patient did not like the shape, length and colour of her teeth
    She was unhappy with the contour and colour of her gums, especially around the crowns on the central incisors
  • The back tooth holding the bridge on the right hand side had sustained an infection and following the treatment for the infection, the tooth was no longer strong enough to support the bridge.

The Treatment Plan

Lead by Dr Phelan, his highly experienced dental team educated the patient on the issues and discussed the treatment options. A treatment plan that was fully itemised for the patient to take the time to consider.

Comfortable with the advice provided, the patient proceeded with the following treatment plan:


  • Crown lengthening where we reshaped the gum tissue around the crowns on the central incisors to make the height and shape of the tooth more symmetrical and in line with her other teeth (see image 4)
  • On the same day, we placed an implant in the upper first premolar site (see image 5)
  • After 3 months of healing, we placed indirect ceramic restorations (fabricated by Rob Dulieu, RWD Dental Imaging, Bondi Junction) on the 10 upper front teeth (image 6).

The Outcome

The patient was very pleased with the outcome, as you can see by the photo taken after the treatment, the patients concerns about the ascetics of her smile have been addressed and the treatment has transformed her smile into something to be truly proud of.