Case Study – Teeth-On-4: Fixed Hybrid Bridge

Initial Situation

This patient attended as he was unhappy with the look and comfort of his teeth.

He had a partial denture replacing his upper right central incisor.

Our examination revealed significant damage due to periodontal disease and decay.

The Treatment Plan

We initially treated his gum disease and extracted any hopeless teeth. Upon review, this patient in combination with our oral health therapist did a remarkable job improving the health of the gums. 

A number of options were discussed with the patient. One way was to replace the individual missing teeth with implants and ceramic veneers and crowns to improve the aesthetics.

This would have proved more time consuming, significantly more expensive and with a less ideal aesthetic outcome than the “teeth on four” approach.

The Outcome

The patient elected to have the remaining upper teeth extracted and the placement of 4 implants. These implants were placed with sufficient tightness that a fixed hybrid bridge was allowed to be placed 2 days later.

The patient was exceptionally satisfied with the outcome.