Case Study – Upper fixed Ceramic bridge on 6 implants opposing immediately loaded lower fixed hybrid bridge on 4 implants

Initial Situation

This patient was referred to Contemporary Smiles from Mr Mark Aitken of the Illawarra Denture Clinic for pre-denture fabrication assessment.

Implants had been placed at another clinic in the lower arch to facilitate retention of a lower denture however due to their position this was not providing the patient with a satisfactory outcome.

All options for both arches were discussed and the patient decided to have implants placed in the upper arch to support a ceramic bridge.

The Treatment Plan

6 Implants were placed in the upper arch and her existing denture was immediately converted to a temporary bridge on the day. A ceramic bridge was subsequently made 6 months later, after healing was complete, by Mr Rob Dulieu, RWD Dental Image. Ceramic bridges offer our patients the most aesthetic and durable long term outcome however are more costly and require an interim temporary prosthesis from between 6 months to a year prior to fabrication.

The patient elected to have a denture remade for the lower arch to fit the existing lower implants.

The Outcome

A year later the patient returned wishing to have fixed bridge to replace her removable denture.

The existing implants were removed and 4 implants were placed. 2 days later a fixed hybrid bridge placed of chrome bar and high impact acrylic was placed as the permanent prosthesis.

This offered the patient a streamlined and expedient treatment option that is significantly more cost effective however it can wear at a quicker rate.