Can IMPLANTS solve your DENTURE frustrations?

Implant supported dentures offer a host of benefits that often make them a much better choice than traditional dentures!

Do you find that TRADITIONAL DENTURES cause:

  • A decreased ability to taste your food
  • They are often uncomfortable
  • They move around in your mouth
  • They need to be removed and cleaned regularly


Denture Implants

Take the quiz to find out:

  • If you are a suitable candidate for IMPLANT SUPPORTED DENTURES
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  • What the procedure is like
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Effects of Traditional Dentures - aging process

The ageing process associated with the use of traditional dentures.

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Life with ‘Traditional Dentures’

Do you wear traditional dentures? Are you able to eat, talk, laugh and smile with confidence? 


Many people find that with their traditional removable dentures, they are limited by the foods they can eat; their sense of taste is compromised; and over time they tend not to fit perfectly, causing physical discomfort and occasional embarrassment.

Our passion at Contemporary Smiles Dental is to help restore these essential elements of everyday life to our patients who are finding their traditional dentures inconvenient and sometimes awkward.

What are Implant Supported Dentures?

Implant supported dentures, also sometimes called implant-retained or implant-anchored dentures, are a type of dental appliance that is affixed to the upper arch, lower arch, or both arches to replace missing teeth. The denture is then secured by two to six dental implants, so a snug fit can be achieved without the need for pastes, gels, and other messy adhesives. 

Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

Traditional Dentures vs. Implant Supported Dentures?
People who have suffered with dental problems may ultimately have to consider getting dentures. While the traditional dentures that are removable have been the choice for many people, implant supported dentures are becoming the new choice.

Implant supported dentures offer a host of benefits that make them a much better choice than traditional dentures.

  • A secure and comfortable fit
  • Preservation of jawbone density and strength
  • Natural-looking results
  • The ability to eat virtually any type of food
  • No messy pastes, gels, or adhesives needed
  • Other advantages may apply depending on your individual treatment plan. Implant-anchored dentures also often come at a more affordable cost than a full set of dental implants. We can review the details of your program during your first appointment.
Denture Implants Series

Missing Teeth and your bone structure

Another problem with missing teeth is the impact it has on bone structure. Implant supported dentures not only look natural, but will make your smile beautiful again. It will keep your facial structure younger looking, because the teeth help hold everything in place.

Are you a suitable candidate for Implant Supported Dentures?

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Are you a suitable candidate for Implant Supported Dentures?

Denture Implants: A Complete Guide

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What are the advantages of Dental Implants?

  1. Dental Implants have a 40-year successful track record in helping secure dentures or replace missing teeth.
  2. Bio-compatible – the body accepts the implant materials and bone heals to the surface.
  3. Implants can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.
  4. Implants maintain the bone, whilst all other tooth replacement options shrink the bone over time.
  5. Implants improve stability and retention of dentures and prosthetic teeth.
Can anyone have dental implants?
Most people are suitable candidates. We will perform an in-depth analysis using our onsite Cone Beam CT machine, and we will consult with your doctor to ensure that there are no medical reasons that implants cannot be placed.

Are there payment plans available for me?
Yes, we provide onsite interest free payment options.

Can you guarantee longevity of the implants?
When it comes to the human body, unfortunately there is not a treatment option with 100% predictability. We do however, warranty our implants for 5 years when we are allowed to maintain the implants on a regular basis. Just like bringing your car for a service, we urge our patients to be seen on a 6 monthly basis so that we can ensure your implants remain healthy.

Why should we choose Contemporary Smiles Dental?
Dr Barry Phelan has over 6 years’ experience in placing dental implants, is passionate about further education and has achieved a fellowship in the largest worldwide implant society – The International Congress of Oral Implantologists, in 2016. He is also a fellow of the Misch International Implant Institute and is accredited with The Australian Society of Implant Dentistry.

Are you a suitable candidate for Implant Supported Dentures?

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