Mouthguards for Children – Preventing Sports Related Injuries

Registration for sports is upon us. You’ve got your kids all kitted up; boots, jerseys, shorts and socks, maybe even headgear. But what about protecting their teeth?

Yes, that’s right, kids are sometimes injured playing the sports they love. This is where the Contemporary Smiles team can assist with custom made mouthguards!

So why wear a mouthguard?

Its not just the Gareth Widdops or the Ben Hunt’s that need to protect their teeth.

League, union, hockey, basketball, soccer, baseball, basically any contact sport caries a risk of dental injuries. We as dental professionals see far too many injuries to the teeth, jaws and facial injuries that could have been avoided with a custom fitted mouthguard.


What type of mouthguard should my child wear?

Let Contemporary Smiles help you decide what the best type of mouthguard would be for your child…

My child just has baby teeth, what’s the point?

Because we need to care for them whilst they are there!

Baby teeth hold spaces and guide adult teeth into the correct position. It is also important to set up good practices from when they are young.

Wherever possible we make allowances for loose baby teeth and incoming adult teeth, small adjustments can also be made to accommodate new teeth.


What if my child has braces?

No need to worry we work around them! Mouthguards can be made to fit around braces and plates to protect the teeth and braces from knocks and cutting up the inside of the lips.


Custom Mouthguards for Kids - Contemporary Smiles

So why go to the effort of a custom-made mouthguard you say?

Well there are 3 options when it comes to mouthguards; the ‘off the shelf’, ‘boil and bite’ and ‘custom made mouthguard’. let’s look at the pros and cons of each.

Off the shelf Mouthguards

‘Off the shelf ‘are pop-it-in type of mouthguards you can purchase at Rebel or your local pharmacy. This type of mouthguard comes in limited sizes and unknown quality, the off the shelf mouthguard is not terribly comfortable and the child usually has to bite down to hold it in place, this makes necessary things like speaking and breathing difficult.
Level of protection: low

Boil and bite Mouthguards

‘Boil and bite’ mouthguards involve some action on your part. They involve things like a bowl of hot water, a squirming child and fingers trying to guess if the mouthguard is being moulded correctly. If moulded correctly, this type of mouthguard will usually offer more protection then the above but it often lacks proper extensions and doesn’t cover the back teeth. Despite being pricier then the above the child will likely still have to bite down to hold it in place.
Level of protection: low to medium

Custom made mouthguards

‘Custom made mouthguards’ are made by taking an exact mould of your child’s teeth. Based on this mould, a professional, well fitting mouthguard is made that gives the best possible protection against dental trauma. The mouthguard is made to extend over all the teeth, front and back without being excessively bulky. These double laminate mouthguards are made from a high quality bioplast material that is designed to distribute the force to minimise dental injuries.
level of protection: high

Choosing the right mouthguard for your child

At Contemporary Smiles, we believe in the principal that prevention is better then cure and we are passionate about making that accessible to all. That’s why we offer professionally made, custom mouthguards for an affordable $150, instead of the usual fee of $299.00. 

Fortunately, custom made mouthguards can be claimed on private health insurance under item 151 – many funds offer mouthguards for free or refund most of the cost.

 Parents often tell us that their kids simply don’t want to wear a mouthguard – this is often because their experience has been with cheaper, off-the-shelf models that are uncomfortable and annoying to wear.  Mouthguards made by a dental professional have a snug fit, allowing players to breathe and speak more easily. And if you do cop an accidental elbow to the mouth, they definitely offer the highest protection.

Remember, the best mouthguard is the one your child wears. A comfortable, professionally-fitted mouthguard is easy to wear – and can help prevent dental injury, giving you one less thing to worry about. 

What type of mouthguard should my child wear?

Let Contemporary Smiles help you decide what the best type of mouthguard would be for your child…

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