Preventative Services

Preventative Services

At Contemporary Smiles, we have a strong belief that “Prevention is better than the cure.”

Despite the rapid pace of technical innovation in the techniques and materials available to dentists, whatever we do still comes a distant second to what nature gave you.

Preventing dental disease is at the core of our practice philosophy here at Contemporary Smiles.

Our approach is to empower and educate our patients that dental disease and failing teeth are not inevitable and that with the correct professional and home care advice, patients can prevent or significantly reduce the amount of dental treatments required.

First Visit

At your first appointment we take the time to listen to what our patients concerns and treatment objectives are.

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Using the latest in dental technology, we complete a detailed and thorough exam where we use digital x-rays and intra-oral photographs of our patients teeth to document the current state of our patients oral health.

If further radiographic examination is required we have the ability to take a cone beam CT scan or digital OPG onsite.

This is especially helpful where more complex dental treatment is required.

We take the time to show and explain the images to our patients and discuss in detail what is causing any dental issues that may be occurring. Our belief is that our patients need to thoroughly understand the issues to know how to fix them.

If treatment is necessary, we discuss in an open and honest manner the pros and cons of the various treatment options that are available. We often use pictures of treatments that we have personally carried out previously to help educate patients as to what we can deliver. We also provide patient education leaflets from the Australian Dental Association (ADA).

We provide a treatment plan and give an estimate of costs of any treatment that may be required. We often print off pictures of areas of concern, for our patients perusal at home.

Our helpful treatment support staff can co-ordinate with your health fund.

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Routine Dental Check-Ups

Once a patient has completed an initial consultation and the treatment required has been identified, we customise the length of time between routine Check-Ups depending on the patients level of risk to dental disease.

The main benefit to routine dental Check-Ups is to catch issues that may arise early. Obviously the earlier a condition is identified the easier and cheaper it is to fix, with a vastly better prognosis for the future. We will also identify if any issues are not stabilising and will seek to implement strategies to prevent further deterioration.

“Routine Dental Check-Ups help prevent the need for more extensive future dental treatment”

Hygienist Care

We have introduced an Oral Heatlh Therapist led preventive program for our patients with fantastic results.

Here at Contemporary Smiles we are lucky to have a fantastic oral health therapist in Ms. Diamanta Tambakis.

During a patients first visit, she will document the current state of the individuals gum health; deliver a thorough yet gentle clean, and tailor a preventive home care program to help prevent gum disease and decay depending on each patients level of risk.

Often, our patients see Diamanta more regularly than the dentist. Generally the more time and effort put in with Diamanta and the home care regimen provided by her will result in less need for intervention by one of our dentists!

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