Composite Resin Restorations for Front teeth

Composite Resins are direct restorative materials meaning that they are applied to the tooth in directly and “cured” in situ with light activation.

Modern Composite resins come in a variety of colours allowing us, with the correct technique, to blend restorations seamlessly with the remaining tooth structure.

Direct Composite Resins are ideally used in small to medium restorations but can also be used as a veneering material.

Case Study - Resin Veneers

When this patient initially visited our practice, she was diagnosed with Bruxism, which is a condition where the patient grinds their teeth at night and during the day. This patient only had her front teeth remaining as she lost her back teeth for various reasons over the years…

Advantages of Direct Composite Resins for front teeth

  • Conservative of tooth structure
  • Aesthetic
  • Cost Effective.

Disadvantages of Direct Composite Resins

  • The resin and natural tooth can age differently and as time passes where the restoration ends and the tooth begins can become more noticeable
  • The high lustre that is achieved on the resin restoration on the day of treatment can fade with time. Good oral hygiene and regular checks with your dentist for polishing can improve long term stability.