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Dental Decay & Prevention

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay and decay that forms around teeth and dental restorations is preventable. It is not inevitable that decay forms over time.

How does tooth decay happen?

Tooth decay is very much related to diet.

Simple carbohydrates such as the sugars found in lollies, soft drinks and even certain types of fruit are a food source for the bacteria that naturally occurs in the mouth. When the bacteria feed on the sugar, they release an acid that attacks the hard, enamel surface of the tooth.

Our bodies naturally protect the teeth by neutralising the acid through the production of saliva. This process takes about an hour following food consumption. If frequent sugary snacks are eaten, the bodies defence mechanism gets overwhelmed, thus allowing the decay process to begin.

There are several ways to decrease the occurrence of tooth decay including;

  • Reducing the frequency of eating sugary snacks
  • Brushing teeth with a tooth paste containing fluoride
  • Keeping hydrated with water.

Dry Mouth

Many things cause dry mouth including the use of many prescription drugs.

As saliva is the major defence against the development of tooth decay, people who suffer from a dry mouth are at a higher risk of developing tooth decay.

We recommend the following for those who suffer from dry mouth:

  • Using toothpaste containing high levels of fluoride like Neutrafluor 5000  and GC Tooth Mousse
  • Having frequent sips of water
  • Visiting the dentist and hygienist more frequently