Orthodontics is the physical movement of teeth within the bony framework to allow for improved aesthetics, functionality and health. It is most commonly utilised during the adolescence years when all the adult teeth have erupted at around 12-13 years old.

In certain circumstances earlier intervention is required to change facial growth patterns to allow for better facial and smile aesthetics. At each of your childs visits to see our Oral Health Therapist, we will be monitoring the progression of your child and offer our advice when necessary.

Increasingly adult orthodontics is becoming more prevalent and there are a myriad of techniques now available to general dentists who wish to improve the aesthetics and functionality of their patients smile.

Where teeth are malpositioned but are in good health without prior restorations, it is preferable to correct these situations with orthodontics rather than veneers.

At our Corrimal practice, our dentists provide C Fast and Fast braces orthodontic treatment modalities respectively.

For more complex problems, we refer to local orthodontic specialists.

Restorative Treatments