Restore your ability to eat, talk, laugh and smile using modern dental implant technology to enhance your life with dentures.


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Life with Traditional Dentures?

Do you wear traditional dentures? Are you able to eat, talk, laugh and smile with confidence?

Our passion at Contemporary Smiles Dental is to help restore these essential elements of everyday life to our patients who are finding their traditional dentures inconvenient and sometimes awkward.

Dr Barry Phelan, of Contemporary Smiles Dental in Corrimal and Mr Mark Aitken, of The Illawarra Denture Clinic, have been working together for many years to give their patients a variety of modern options that can comfortably, aesthetically and affordably replace missing teeth, and restore the confidence you would have with a natural set of teeth.

Implant Supported Dentures

We frequently use implants to stabilise your existing dentures.

Full dentures are not ideal. They are bulky, intrusive, decrease functionality and decrease the sense of taste and enjoyment of food and can decrease self esteem.

That said, with time, people do tend to get use to a full upper denture. With adequate ridge height, a suction seal can be achieved with the top denture which allows for some stability.

The same cannot be said for a lower full denture. Due to the movement of the tongue a seal cannot be maintained and the denture tends to float. Patients often report a high level of dissatisfaction with this, with associated decrease in nutrition and quality of life.

One of the most common implant procedures performed at our clinic is the placement of two implants in the lower jaw to allow fixation of the lower denture to the lower jaw.

We feel out of all the treatments that we do at Contemporary Smiles, this can have the most transformative affect on our patients lives. By the completion of the treatment, people can go from not wearing a denture at all and soft diet to the ability to bite an apple with total comfort.

We work closely with our local prosthetist, Mark Aitken at the Illawarra Denture Clinic, who does an excellent job of fabricating the final dentures for all our patients.

Although, the dentures now fit comfortably, it is critical that they are not left in overnight and that adequate hygiene is maintained so that they may survive into the future. It is important to see our therapist for regular 6 monthly cleans post placement of the implants!

What Are the Pros of Implant Dentures?

Implant-supported dentures offer a wide range of benefits for good candidates, including:


  • A secure and comfortable fit
  • Preservation of jawbone density and strength
  • Natural-looking results
  • The ability to eat virtually any type of food
  • No messy pastes, gels, or adhesives needed
  • Other advantages may apply depending on your individual treatment plan. Implant-anchored dentures also often come at a more affordable cost than a full set of dental implants. We can review the details of your program during your first appointment.


Take our short quiz to find out whether or not you are a suitable candidate for implant supported dentures; if you’ll be able to afford them; and what the procedure is like from start to finish.

Implant Supported Fixed Bridges

Implants can also be used to fix a bridge in permanently.

This is an established alternative for those with a failing dentition (loosing their teeth) and who are moving towards edentulism (complete loss of all natural teeth), but do not wish to have dentures.

The process generally involves the removal of the remaining teeth, with the placement of 4 to 6 implants. An immediate temporary acrylic bridge is fixated to the implants provided they are solid in the bone.

After a period of six months, a final fixed prosthesis is placed on the implants.

The benefits of this form of treatment over conventional dentures are that:

  • There are fixed in the mouth allowing for greater functionality
  • They are less bulky, feel like real teeth and do not move allowing for much greater comfort
  • Patients greater levels of satisfaction and self esteem.

An important point to note is that although there may be no teeth left, maintenance and control of periodontal disease is critical around these prosthesis. If teeth are lost to uncontrolled periodontal disease and the factors that led to this outcome are not overcome, there is a greater likelihood that the implants could also become damaged by the same process. Please see section on periodontal disease.

Sedation at the Dentist
Sedation at the Dentist

Why traditional dentures are often not the answer

People lose their teeth for a variety of reasons over their lifetime and we have seen first-hand the impact this can have on our patient’s quality of life.

Do you have to avoid certain foods?
Unsecured dentures can make it difficult to chew some of the foods you once enjoyed due to a lack of stability, especially in the case of the lower full denture.

Do your dentures affect your sense of taste?
The upper denture extends across the palate and this gives more stability compared to the lower denture but this extension can decrease the sense of taste and enjoyment of food and feel bulky and intrusive.

Are you worried your dentures will accelerate your facial aging?
When you lose your teeth, the stimulation to the jawbone is removed and this results in a loss of bone which causes physical changes to your face, which in turn causes your dentures to become looser over time.

Are you embarrassed or lack confidence due to your dentures?
Dentures can sometimes affect your ability to pronounce words correctly, and therefore the way you speak. They may also come loose on occasions which often leads to awkwardness and a lack of confidence.

Loss of a front tooth

Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth and can last a lifetime with correct maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of Dental Implants?
  1. Dental Implants have a 40-year successful track record in helping secure dentures or replace missing teeth
  2. Biocompatible – the body accepts the implant materials and bone heals to the surface
  3. Implants can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance
  4. Implants maintain the bone, whilst all other tooth replacement options shrink the bone over time.
  5. Implants improve stability and retention of dentures and prosthetic teeth.
Can anyone have dental implants?

Most people are suitable candidates. We will perform an in-depth analysis using our onsite Cone Beam CT machine, and we will consult with your doctor to ensure that there are no medical reasons that implants cannot be placed.

Are there payment plans?

Yes, we provide onsite interest free payment options.

Can you guarantee longevity of the implants?

When it comes to the human body, unfortunately there is not a treatment option with 100% predictability. We do however, warranty our implants for 5 years when we are allowed to maintain the implants on a regular basis. Just like bringing your car for a service, we urge our patients to be seen on a 6 monthly basis so that we can ensure your implants remain healthy.

Why should we choose Contemporary Smiles Dental?

Dr Barry Phelan has over 6 years’ experience in placing dental implants, is passionate about further education and has achieved a fellowship in the largest worldwide implant society – The International Congress of Oral Implantologists, in 2016. He is also a fellow of the Misch International Implant Institute and is accredited with The Australian Society of Implant Dentistry.

Why should we choose the Illawarra Denture Clinic?

Mr Mark Aitken, has being servicing the local area for the last 10 years and in that time has built a considerable reputation for being the guy you can turn when you have dentures that can’t be worn. All dentures are made in house and this is what he does day in day out. Rather than doing lots of different procedures, Mark makes excellent fitting, aesthetic dentures day in day out. Practice makes perfect.

Implant Supported Denture – Options

LOWER JAW SOLUTION (Removable Implant Overdenture)

We place 2 implants in your lower Jaw onto which a new denture is attached. This cost-effective option will significantly improve the retention and stability of your new lower denture.
This is one of the most common implant procedures performed at Contemporary Smiles Dental in Corrimal. It is very predictable and allows you to eat, laugh and speak with far more confidence!

Placed at Contemporary Smiles and new overdenture with The Illawarra Denture Clinic

UPPER JAW SOLUTION (Removable Overdenture upper arch)

In cases where 4 implants can be placed in parallel within your upper jaw arch, we can provide a more streamlined denture that does not extend across your palate.

This provides a higher level of stability and comfort; and an improvement in the taste and enjoyment of food. It will also help to maintain bone levels which will slow the facial ageing look often associated with the loss of teeth and wearing traditional dentures.

Placed at Contemporary Smiles and new overdenture with The Illawarra Denture Clinic


This solution is the closest thing we can offer you that mimics the natural dentition (natural teeth).

It is fixed to 4 or more underlying implants, maintains underlying bone and the bridge can be fitted within 2 days of placement of implants allowing our patients to look, feel and function as normal as soon as possible.


If you find that you are suffering from any of these issues, there are now a variety of modern dental implant-based solutions available to you that can significantly improve your quality of life.