Case Study – Full Mouth Reconstruction with Upper and Lower Fixed Bridges Supported by Implants

Initial Situation

This patient lost her upper and lower teeth many years ago.

Around that time, she had an implant supported acrylic bridge placed to replace the missing lower teeth and a full upper denture.

In 2018, Mr Mark Aitken from the Illawarra Denture Clinic referred the patient to assess feasibility for the replacement of the lower bridge and the feasibility of placement of a modern implant solution on the upper arch.

Cone beam CBCT showed a lack of bone present to have implants placed with the immediate provision of a bridge.

The Treatment Plan

Options were discussed and the patient elected to have bone placed in both her maxillary sinuses (sinuses located near the nose and above the upper back teeth) under local anaesthetic by Dr Barry Phelan at Contemporary Smiles.

After 6 months healing, 8 implants were placed in the upper arch with immediate conversion of her upper denture into a temp fixed bridge.

The Outcome

3 months later a ceramic bridge was fitted to the upper 8 implants. This is the ultimate in terms of aesthetics and durability. 

A fixed hybrid bridge with a titanium and high impact acrylic was fitted to 4 of the lower implants.